Buying Guide to Key Cabinets

Buying Guide to Key Cabinets

Key Cabinets are ideal to safely store keys, fobs and cards in a commercial, fleet, office or industrial environment. Not only offering protection, but also keeping keys and other items organised. They are an important element to a security system to ensure keys are accessed by authorised personnel only.

Before choosing the right Key Cabinet for your requirements, it is important to consider the below factors:

  • Key capacity required
  • Storing other items such as fobs and cards
  • Who needs to access the key cabinet
  • Size of keys and other items
  • Single or bunches of keys stored
  • What type of locking mechanism will best suit?
  • Location and Installation
  • Key organisation
  • Do I require access control?
  • Do I require audit trailing?

There are many business types where key cabinets serve as a critical part of their security system, such as fleet management, vehicle sales and rentals.  Large quantities of keys are stored, dispatched and returned. Systematic order is essential for the efficient movement of keys for management and employees. 

Industrial and commercial businesses with moving equipment such as forklifts and earth-movers require the safe storage of keys. Specialised key cabinets can be fitted with alcohol breathalysers to ensure the safety of employees and work safe practices.

Real estate agents, holiday and apartment complexes that encounter frequent movement and exchange of keys require spare key organisation. Key cabinets are an important security element for many types of businesses, large and small, with multiple locations such as schools, tourism facilities, councils and hospitals.

Key cabinets vary in sizes with capacity starting from 25 keys to over 5,000 keys.

If keys are stored in large bunches a key cabinet with a deep body cavity would be beneficial. If order and coordination is required coloured or numbered hooks would be a requirement. Other features to consider include; fixed or removable hooks and racks and internal swing leafs.

The locking mechanism is an important factor to consider when choosing the right key cabinet. Locking options available

  • Digital Lock
  • Combination lock
  • Key Lock
  • Access Control
  • Audit Trail

We have a large range of key cabinets varying in sizes, functions and locking mechanisms. If you need help choosing the right key cabinet for your business we’d be happy to help.  



Edward - Maxiserv Pty Ltd says:
Looking at key storage for our commercial property management company. Includes bunches of keys and cards and security fobs. Please advise on your range. Thanks, Edward.
Jason says:
HI Edward.

Can you please forward me your email address?

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