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At AUS SAFES  we sell only high quality safes and offer expert safe services. When it comes to security and dependability you can count on AUS SAFES. We provide only premium quality safes and provide advice to ensure you choose a safe with confidence.

Platinum Urban Home & Office Safe

The Platinum Urban Safe offers premium protection against theft and fire. Ideal for securing cash, jewellery, personal files, digital cameras and laptops. This heavy duty safe is perfect for home or office providing protection at an affordable price.

Platinum Safes 'The Director'

The Platinum Director provides extreme locking mechanisms to protect against fire and theft. Offering $30,000 Cash Rating (unsupported) and 1 hour Fire Rating. It combines maximum security with unique corner locking and inter-locking bolts and an automatic re-locking device for maximum protection. Ideal for commercial and office applications

Platinum Retail Deposit Safes

The Collector, Defender and Manager are retail deposit safes manufactured to high quality standards by Platinum Safes. These retail deposit safes are ideal for retail and trade businesses to protect the collection of cash, money bags, envelopes and deposit capsules. The range includes under counter deposit postal slot safes, chute deposit safes and cash management safes.

Platinum Drug Safe

The Platinum Drug Safe offers premium protection and is specially designed to secure drugs for hospitals, pharmacies and medical clinics. It has an auto latching mechanism and heavy duty 12mm steel plate that covers the complete safe and complies with the Australian Health Department Specifications.

Burg Watcher Safe

Don't buy an inferior safe. Buy a Burg Wachter to protect your valuables.