Mobile & Tobacco Merchants Trust the Doco

Mobile & Tobacco Merchants Trust the Doco

Platinum Safes have launched a new range of Fire Resistant Storage Safes ‘The Doco’. These heavy duty safes are SP Certified with 120 minutes fire rating for the Doco 1600 and 90 minutes fire rating for the Doco 1700.

These heavy duty storage safes are becoming heavy used by retailers selling mobile phones and tobacco products. The Doco’s wide capacity and fire resistant protection provides a trusted and secure area to safely lock up such products.

Mobile phone and tobacco merchants are high targets for robberies. The Doco from Platinum Safes provides protection to eliminate theft and risk of shop damage. It is also ideal for commercial office use to protect important documents, files, devices and equipment.

The Doco’s superior security features include 3 way locking mechanisms, re-locking device and anti-drill plate. Safes have the option of being supplied on heavy duty casters for convenience.

Fitted with a dual digital & key locking device adds additional security and protection.

For more information on the Platinum Doco 1600 and Doco 1700  contract Aus Safes.

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